Twitter is regarded to be one of the popular social media platforms. However, there is still some controversy about traffic from this particular platform. Some people have been able to acquire traffic easily, and some still find it quite difficult.

twitter marketing strategiesA lot of people have been able to get lots of traffic whereas others have been unable to get even 10 followers. In fact, Twitter has over a billion users across the world. This makes it an amazing source of traffic, particularly for bloggers. The following are some top tips to get quality traffic from Twitter.

Connect with Your Audience

You should note that Twitter has a search bar that allows you to find people interested in your niche. You need to the type the right keyword, and you can find relevant content. It is possible to see persons who are interested in your content. Thus, you can take this advantage and interact with them. You can also share their content. Ideally, you should try to be part of their community as you engage with them constantly. Over time, they will regard you as part of them.

Convert Your Audience into Followers

To succeed in getting quality traffic from Twitter, you should get followers who have an interest similar to yours. There is no need of having irrelevant followers who only come across your follow button. It is necessary to go an additional mile to attract the followers in your niche. You can put some tweets in your blogs or articles. This means that the people who get an opportunity to engage with your blogs can follow you. This is an excellent way of converting readers into followers.


using twitterA lot of people fail to get quality traffic because they publish content that is not interesting or fails to arouse curiosity. It is necessary to get content that can motivate the readers to follow your links. Thus, it is necessary to improve your copywriting skills. This will help you develop engaging content. Remember that you need content that can motivate the readers to click on the different links leading to your content. Moreover, this is likely to increase the conversion rates. You can also outsource content from creative writers. This is quite cheap and effective.