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Top Email Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs

Doing your routine business newsletters does not have to be a tough task. Instead, it should be an enjoyable experience, and it should reflect in the content. It can be frustrating to get your content out there. Some email services such as Gmail have separate tabs that are devoted to the promotional emails. This means that users can have all their newsletters organized in one place.

email marketing for entrepreneursMost companies used to mail out their newsletters and updates from their own email. However, with the advent of spam, several new rules were introduced that made this approach quite dangerous to the business. For instance, if you use your email to send out lots of emails, then you risk your emails from being marked as spam. This means that they will never be seen by your customers or followers.

In this post, you will learn about various companies or email marketing providers that you can use to send great looking email newsletters. They make the process of sending newsletters to your followers quite easy. They include the following:


This is a big favorite for many agencies and companies. It has an ever-changing interface that has been improved based on the feedback from users. You can easily upload your email lists as an Excel/CSV and the system checks the columns such as email and name.

Moreover, they have several amazing templates you can choose from. It is also easy to modify the templates to your suit your message. You can hire a professional online marketing agency to create customized templates that blend well with your brand. In addition, you can easily review the open rate, revise your next newsletter and allow clients to unsubscribe.


GetResponse is designed for users looking to complete their newsletters with landing pages or those offering webinars. If the main reason to send out newsletters is to host webinars, then this company is ideal. You can easily manage your newsletters with extra features such as email reminders, 1-click logins, and autoresponders.

Constant Contact

using email marketingThis company has been a huge rival with MailChimp. It is a great company, and it can be a big plus if social media is part of your marketing strategy. For instance, users can share your newsletters on Facebook.


This is another popular option that is recommended by several marketing companies. It has several plans to choose from. Some of its features include follow-ups, autoresponders, and email marketing campaigns. A lot of people believe that they have a more superior autoresponder as compared to other companies.…